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Hi, I’m Chris Paouros, a consultant, advisor, Charity Trustee and Non-Exec Director. I work with organisations in the private, public and third sectors across their business, helping them change and grow.


I’m a strategic and commercially astute Charity and Business Leader with more than 25 years of experience and a specialism in organisational cultures, re-invigoration and growth on a global scale. I am focused on and dedicated to ensuring excellence, innovation and EDI in the workplace and transformational structural and social change in the world.


My expertise is in organisational culture, strategic transformation and development, people, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, communications, programme and project delivery, financial strategy, planning and governance, as well as leading, coaching, motivating and advising senior professionals to ensure safe and healthy leadership and growth. 


I have considerable experience and expertise in setting strategic direction, building and maintaining healthy cultures, running finance, legal, HR, governance and overall business operations teams as well as acting as a ‘critical friend’ to senior teams, providing crucial leadership, challenge and support around strategy, leadership, culture and EDI.


For many years, I was Group MD of SHM, a global specialist provider of business services. I led teams in financial management, business planning, contract management, governance, legal compliance, communications, resourcing and overall business operations (including HR and IT).


I am a lifelong Spurs fan and anti-discrimination activist and campaigner who believes football can be a positive force for social and cultural transformation. I have spent the last nine years as part of a movement seeking to rid football of discrimination in all its forms and make the game diverse, inclusive and equal. I firmly believe that this cannot and should not be done in silos; the ‘hierarchies of oppression’ seek to divide us and the most effective way forward is intersectional and across all the protected characteristics.

To this end, I hold a number of complementary Board positions:

  • Vice-Chair and Trustee of Kick It Out, football’s anti-discrimination and inclusion charity

  • Independent member of the FA’s Inclusion Advisory Board

  • Chair of the Board at the Women’s Equality Party

  • Treasurer and Trustee of LGBT+ education charity Just Like Us

  • Non-Exec Director of Leaders Unlocked, a social enterprise which enables young people and underrepresented groups to have a stronger voice on the issues that affect their lives

  • Board Member at the Football Supporters’ Association

  • Supporter Representative on FA Council

  • Co-Chair and Co-Founder of Proud Lilywhites (the official Tottenham Hotspur LGBTQ+ Supporters Association)


I am also a member of Women in Football and a keynote speaker and broadcaster—hosting the Echoes of Glory podcast as well as regularly appearing on radio and television.

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