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Charity CEO (£40m charity)

"In 2021 Chris led a governance and leadership session for my Board of Trustees. The request came at very short notice, but Chris work with pace and agility, and quickly got to the heart of the issues we wanted to explore. Chris proposed a creative approach to the session that encouraged an open and inclusive conversation. From the moment she entered the room Chris delivered with confidence, and navigated discussions with credibility. It was a short session but one which created immediate as well as longer term impact."

Chris Ramsey: Head of Coaching, Queens Park Rangers FC

"Chris is a conscientious avenger of injustice and has shown for many years that she is willing to contest and challenge the status quo. Chris has delivered outstanding workshops for our club regarding all issues around diversity, which has broadened our awareness and enhanced our education."

Daniel Gerring: Chair, Just Like Us

"I have worked with Chris on a number of different and, in some cases, very challenging projects.  Chris brings a lot to the party.  She is emotionally intelligent and thoughtful and, at the same time, she can be decisive when needed and impressively focussed and strategic.  Her many years working with businesses and not-for-profits has equipped her with an impressive range of experience, which has proved to be invaluable.  Likewise, her excellent people skills, natural kindness and sense of humour make her someone who people naturally want to be around and engage with."

Jules Hillier: Chief Executive, Pause

"Working with Chris is brilliant – she’s smart, thoughtful, experienced and she gets stuff done. She knows when to jump in and take the lead, and when to hang back, provide advice and support other people to get results. She helped Pause so much as we were building our organisation and our infrastructure, thinking about our policies and processes and how to make sure we grew into a strong, well organised charity."

Laggi Diamandi: Partner, Head of Learning and Development, Foster+Partners

"We work with Chris who supports and guides us through our diversity and equity strategy. Their energy, magnetism and professional qualities consistently exceed our expectations."

Lee Dema: Director/ Founder, St Matthew’s Project 

"Chris did a fantastic job for The St Matthew’s Project. She really took the time to listen to us and get to know our project properly and what we were about. As a consequence, she was able to produce a business development strategy that is taking our organisation to the next level. The quality of her work was outstanding and we would definitely work with her again."

Paul Elliot: Chair, FA Inclusion Advisory Board

"A key attribute in Chris’s work evidenced is the ability to influence and deliver in a collegiate approach alongside partners. She recognises the value of working within a T E A M ; and the bi-product being ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ as opposed to silos."

Rose Dowling: Chief Executive and Founder, Leaders Unlocked

"I’ve been extremely fortunate to have Chris on the board of Leaders Unlocked since 2015. Chris has been an invaluable partner over the inevitably choppy start-up years, helping to steer us through some testing times and always providing constructive support and challenge to move us forward. Chris has been instrumental in helping Leaders Unlocked to reach a secure and sustainable position, and we can’t thank her enough. As a NED, Chris brings a wealth of expertise in governance, strategy, and operational systems, along with a keen ability to work flexibly with people and problems. She also makes work feel fun because she’s just a pleasure to be around!"

Tanya Dunne: Head of Services for Students, University of Sunderland in London

"Chris worked with us to provide career insights to our students, and also supported us to develop some procurement documentation. Chris really worked hard to ensure she understood our students, asking questions and researching, and was able to shape her work using this insight. In her interactions with students she was really responsive and supportive. Presenting her knowledge and understanding in an accessible way. The quality of Chris’ work is excellent, she keeps in touch and checks understanding to really tailor the work and to ensure she is meeting the brief – Chris is both professional and real, dealing with challenges and sensitivities with depth and understanding. She is not afraid to tackle difficult issues. Chris helped to move our thinking along. It is a pleasure working with Chris and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her."

Tom Greatrex: Vice-Chair, Football Supporters’ Association

"I have worked closely with Chris on a wide range of issues as fellow board members, as representatives of football supporters and on behalf of the separate groups we are both involved in. Dealing with issues as wide ranging as developing organisational strategy, promoting and advocating reform and public policy change, navigating sensitive and complex personnel issues, Chris is both professional and empathetic, grasps detail but is focussed, and can deliver challenging messages with charm and candour. I have learnt a lot from Chris, who is an undoubted asset to our organisation."

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