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Bespoke Services

These are just some of the services I can offer. My 25 years of business experience will stand us in good stead to design a process, project, programme or training course that is bespoke to your work, team or organisation.


Strategic planning, definition and design of organisational strategy or indeed function—i.e fundraising strategy, comms strategy, HR strategy, finance strategy etc..

Organisational transformation

Design, definition, and co-implementation of change programmes for organisations, departments, and teams.


Building and advising on finance (budgets, forecasting, P&L), HR policies, governance processes.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Training, policies, planning advice, implementation.


For senior leaders and upskilling more junior talent.


Working with Boards/ Senior teams to help them tackle knotty topics/ answers questions and/ or take them through specific meetings, agenda items, away days.

Interim services

CEO/ COO interim.

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